Norris History

The NORRIS story begins in the 1950’s in Eastern Tennessee, where our entire operation still remains today. NORRIS was founded by the Gose family, whose members fished and trapped along the shores of Norris Lake, from which NORRIS was named. The Gose brothers both had successful businesses in woodworking. One brother worked in cabinets and the other in furniture. One of them would later venture into the travel trailer industry in Claiborne County, TN. Many travel trailer retail dealers began selling mobile homes. This sparked an idea for Mr. Gose to start a manufacturing facility.

In 1965, 50 years ago, the brother’s formed NORRIS Industries, Inc., secured property in Bean Station, TN, and built a 56,000 square foot manufacturing facility that’s going stronger than ever today. In the spring of 1966, production began with 500 RV’s. In the fall of 1966 “superbly built” homes started rolling out the door. In 1973, NORRIS Industries expanded with the addition of what today is the primary facility used for production. The new plant and a brand new cabinet shop grew the size of the operation to 250,000 square feet under roof.

In 1984, Clayton Homes, INC. purchased NORRIS Industries. Jim Clayton, founder of Clayton Homes, had a long history with NORRIS, as Clayton was one of NORRIS’ top retailers year after year. Recognizing the quality product and brand equity NORRIS had to offer, the NORRIS brand fit nicely into Clayton’s growing company. Today, NORRIS stands as the pinnacle of home building in our industry and is recognized as the standard for luxury and quality. Thank you for making NORRIS your preferred housing choice!