Why Norris

Every NORRIS Luxury Built Home is built to the highest quality standards and with every Luxury expectation in mind! With a full team of in house engineers, NORRIS offers you the freedom of customization that you desire. Whether you need to add square footage, customize your dream bathroom, or create an exterior that fits your eye, NORRIS does it!

Solid construction standards including oriented resin bonded strand board for both subfloor (tongue & groove and staggered joint) and roof decking and fully engineered roof truss systems are just some of the superior building standards employed by NORRIS Luxury Built Homes.  Every NORRIS home is built under a roof in a climate controlled environment insuring the materials used in your home never see weather or those less than desirable building conditions. NORRIS homes is also ISO 14001 certified, ensuring that environmental impact is being measured and improved. More important than materials, or the quality systems, are the quality people. With an average seniority well into double digits across 200 employees, NORRIS boasts one of the most tenured teams in the industry. The team is led by Charlie Hemphill, with 42 years of experience, Charlie is quite often called on as a construction expert in our industry. When you take the best materials, build them in the most desirable environment available, and use the best team available for the construction, quite simply, you have a NORRIS Luxury Built Home!