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You know that Norris & Marlette Tennessee offers high-quality, real wood cabinets, but did you know that we are the only Clayton home building facility that makes custom finished cabinets?


Right here in beautiful Bean Station, Tennessee, we have a crew of skilled craftsmen, some with over 30 years of experience, hand sanding, routing, building, trimming and finishing – turning plain, solid wood panels into incredible, functional cabinets that add value and style to every home.

Stacks of pre-cut future cabinet doors and styles await to take form.

Custom accents are carved with precision on a band saw.

Ageless German machinery enables us to fabricate hand-crafted cabinet components.

After carefully measuring, each frame and door is hand-sanded to smooth the surface and prepare it to accept stain.

The cabinets begin to take form and are carefully assembled by hand.

Skilled craftsmen individually select accent trim for each cabinet.

Doors and styles are coated with multiple layers of stain to enhance the color and grain of the wood, and to add a layer of protection.

Countless style and finish combinations allow us to customize cabinets to complete the look that our customers envision for their homes.